• YouCannotEscapeNone

    Kidding. Anyway. What to do now.

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  • Santiago Reveco Lepe

    That's great and cool, isn't it?

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  • GameTaco64


    February 13, 2018 by GameTaco64

    Hey!I'm the guy you wanted to be friends with on the BFDI camp.This seems like a cool place!

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  • SammyNWIKI


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  • Dr Cow Andrew

    another blog post related to this will be created when the bfb series is over 8-Ball: a good character; but he's not a good host (unlike golf ball; but she's still bad);
    even when he apologized and good grief nobody heard it. sarcasm is not a way to make your
    team progress

    Balloony: a good character, still focusing on the team, but suddenly became downhill when
    she told woody to "change the airflow"

    Barf Bag needs to be taken more seriously

    Basketball is one of the characters with less screentime and dialogue

    Bell needs more respect, peace and tranquility; since i've got very sensitive on how the
    contestants are using her string just for CURIOSITY.

    Black Hole is just an overpowered contestant. he does the challenge way too far

    Blocky: is one of the m…

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  • SammyNWIKI

    Blog Post on this Wiki.

    February 7, 2018 by SammyNWIKI

    Wanna hear something new, there are only 4 people on this wiki, and I'm one of them.

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  • Dr Cow Andrew

    Not much is known about my first appearance in the BFDI community. I was excited on how many
    object shows are there, as i've seen Jario943's first videos and sure, why not, i was a fan of
    sparta remixes, but unfortunately i didn't have a video editing software to do so. I've made my
    official BFDI wiki account in 2013, that day then, with the first edit being an useless comment in
    Twilightlicious blog of how she "is", when i was a total n00b fan of Skill:Draw at the time. I
    didn't do much but a only one edit in 2014, and a few in 2015. I was still more active in YT as a
    reason. Whatever, let's just went from what my second, more convoluted and hypocritical era....

    'Twas the noon of christmas and my first contribution of this year was from BFB's ep…

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