Feel low, fellow citizens. Welcome to the Registered Dr. Cow's Wiki, lost from the dead.

The Official Rules

  • No cursing, instead, use the mininum words, like butt or crack. Anyone who drops something like F-Bombs, will be facing the consequences, from reported to BANNED from the site.
  • You must be a friend of Cow, an good editor or someone who likes his attitude to be an admin.
  • Don't complain about this wiki, also, that means other things, such as NO VANDALISM!
  • We can treat you anything you want, whether you have autism, a popular child or the mayor's child. Don't use the Get-Out-Of-Jail card on us, or else you'll be BANNED from the site!
  • Anything fun is allowed as long as the admins understand that.
  • Unlike some of the other wikis; alts are allowed, but do not make more than 6. Just a reminder that users that act nearly the same thing do not count as so, especially Atrevidor Johnes.
  • Roleplaying is allowed on the chat; as long as it doesn't resist that far. That means no OVERPOWERED ROLEPLAY, this means YOU!
  • Don't ever hack accounts. If your account gets hacked, please tell all of my 4 friends or even me. Whoever does an MEGAHAX on the page will be BANNED FROM THE WEBSITE.
  • Repeat offenders such as one egresated from any exposing wiki will be AUTOBANNED, and don't try to espionage us, as your IP will be banned too.
  • Do not edit any of the Dr. Cow's pages, unless if there's grammar correcting or lack on effort in it. Failure to do so will be GLOBALLY BANNED FROM THE FANDOM COMMUNITY.
  • But, if you edit a page that is owned by it with a red tag, do not edit this, or else you'll be GLOBALLY BANNED!
  • And the last of all, is that you must obey all rules.
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